Anna Barber

Anna Barber

Some prior work:

  •     Created new businesses from one-line ideas
  •     Raised angel, venture, sponsor and strategic partner capital
  •     Conceived, built and launched award-winning products
  •     Led high impact reorganizations and turnarounds 
  •     Guided companies and products through sale process  

Anna Barber

Anna Barber is a skilled strategist, motivational leader and practical, get-things-done operator.  In her 20 year career she has developed a specialty in taking ideas from one liners to operating businesses, as a founder or early employee at five early stage companies.  She has developed and launched a wide variety of new products including award-winning mobile apps and websites.  She has also steered companies through crisis points – funding crunches, pivots, turnarounds, sales and winddowns. 

Along the way Anna realized that what most energized her were those very crisis/opportunity points.  It’s working with business leaders and companies to navigate through those crucial periods that she focuses on in her consulting work. 

Anna grew up in Chelsea, New York City with a book editor father and literary agent mother.  On graduating from Yale Law School, Anna spent two years in corporate law before joining McKinsey’s New York office where her clients were financial services and media companies.

She served as VP of Product at and spent a year consulting for other Bay Area technology companies on product, fundraising and business development.  Anna then founded her own talent management and production company, which she ran for five years during which she produced two films and co-founded the US Air Guitar Championships.  

In 2007 Anna co-founded Scribble Press, the company she raised funding for, launched, grew, pivoted and sold in 2013 to Make Meaning, Inc.  Scribble Press began as an innovative retail bookmaking concept that had locations in New York and Los Angeles.  In 2011 Anna and the team launched a successful iPad App for bookmaking that is still widely used in classrooms around the world and was selected as one of Time Magazine’s top 25 Apps for Kids in 2012. 

Since the sale of Scribble Press in 2013 Anna has turned her attention to building a consulting practice where she can bring her particular brand of creative problem solving to helping other companies thrive.