The Barber Shop 

Anna Barber is an advisor and coach for entrepreneurs and startups.  

There are three crucial inflection points for any business: launch, pivot and exit.   These are the moments where business model, market conditions, available resources and the executive team’s skills and approach come together  - and if they come together in the right formula, the result is a sound strategy that’s going to succeed.  As a strategy consultant, Anna Barber works with founders, executives and companies to take the 360* view and create a plan that gets results.  As a coach, she works with founders and executives to map out and generate transformational change.  

Projects we work on:

  • Startups & Entrepreneurs
    • New business planning
    • Fundraising strategy 
    • Founder/entrepreneur coaching 
  • Operating companies
    • Mobile strategy
    • Pivot/turnaround 
    • Exit strategy